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RUI MAI Machinery

Rui Mai Technology was established in April 201. Its headquarters is located in Wujiang, Jiangsu Province, the core city of Yangtze River Delta, only 50 minutes drive from Shanghai. After the rapid development in nearly ten years, the company has set up three manufacturing bases in the world (Wujiang No.1 Factory, Wujiang No.2 Factory and Vietnam Factory), with a total area of over 150,000 square meters.

Rui Mai Technology focuses on designing and producing high-quality home accessories, including intelligent mechanical stretching devices for functional sofas (iron frame landing, wooden frame landing, armrest pushing, rocking chairs, swing chairs, elderly chairs, etc.), motor and electrical accessories (UL certified push rod motor, power supply, power cord, switch, etc.), electrically adjustable bed, and other related accessories in sofa industry (seat frame, angle iron, insert buckle, etc.), Rui Mai Technology provides an ideal solutions on mechatronics for sofa and furniture manufacturers all over the world through innovative products and high-quality services.